Bronze Singing Bowl with different Sizes & Types

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  1. Minimum Quantity - 20kg + @ $26 per kg upto 10inch from there on every inch will cost $1.25 per kg more.
  2. Minimum Quantity - 50kg + @ $25 per kg upto 10inch from there on every inch will cost $1.25 per kg more.
  3. Minimum Quantity - 100kg + @ $24 per kg upto 10inch from there on every inch will cost $1.25 per kg more.
  4. Minimum Quantity - 500kg + Contact us for rates.

Shipping is extra. For more queries on price and/or curating your order based on your choice and our catalogs.

Singing Bowls are like an elixir given to us from Buddhist teachings and they are made in many sizes, shapes and raw material. Singing bowls are an important tool for your spiritual arsenal because they directly effect in the raising of your frequency and vibration. Not only are they a cure, they also are used as a preventive health measure.

There are many kinds of Bronze singing bowls and we provide them all. Cost of these bowls is roughly $2-$6 per kg more than the mentioned ones above. Special patterns costing more. The various types of Bronze singing bowls are:

  • Antique Bowls
  • Tiger Bowls
  • Full Moon Bowls
  • Pattern Bowls
  • Lingam Bowls
  • Tuned Bowls
  • and more!

Bronze Singing Bowls Singing Bowl features -

  • Sizes available - 3.5in-24in
  • They are machine made not handmade.
  • These are best for beginners starting there singing bowl journey and these are the most sold and most popular of bowls due to reasonable cost acts like a learner kit for bowl enthusiasts.

We wanted to keep our prices standard and transparent so that startups/small businesses also get the same level of services as the big guys do. We ware a company with a reputable past in sea and air shipments both. We have our own shipping agents with best in class rates for a hassle free delivery for sea and air both. We provide worldwide delivery as well.


You can contact us through Email/Whatsapp/Call whatever you may be comfortable with. For USA customers, we have our branch office in the states as well which you can find under the contact us section.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Bronze Singing Bowl with different Sizes & Types